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Tony Pace

Thursday, May 10, 2018

As a performing artist, Tony Pace enjoys headliner status in Las Vegas (NV), Atlantic City (NJ) and with most major event organizations around the world. In addition to formal studies at Boston University and Berklee College of Music, his 40-plus years of experience have built him a resume that industry leaders consider astounding.

Tony’s theatre experience includes work as a stage hand, actor, lighting director, sound engineer and producer/director. His performance credits include touring with the showband Boston Pace, hit musical comedy Up On The Roof (renamed Growing Up Italian) performances in fundraisers, and emcee work among others. Pace’s other accomplishments include successes in video production, event planning, work as an agent, recording industry executive, composer and producer for self-help meditation programs, commercials and jingles, children’s programs and voice-over work. There’s a precision about what he does, and a reason for each project he takes on. Tony has chosen to gain all of this experience because he knows it makes him a well-rounded artist and performer.

Tony’s life in entertainment began at age 6 and gave way to an astounding 13 theatrical productions and an 8-piece band schedule by the age of 18. Philanthropic efforts stay at the core of Tony’s values, as visits to the bedsides of veterans at VA Hospital became a catalyst for future fundraising endeavors. Tony began touring the US and Canada shortly after with his high energy showband, Boston Pace. The configuration of his one-man-show format began in the 90s and incorporated a level of production which was previously unheard of. He highlighted his ability as a musician not only in his live performances, but also in his studio work. His success continued through 2004 when a two-day contract at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City was extended to a 9-month long residency. A move to Las Vegas then landed him a headliner position in the main showroom at The Tropicana on the Las Vegas Strip. He then enjoyed a prolonged run at the Clarion/Greek Isle Star Theater in Las Vegas until its unexpected closure.

Throughout all of his success, Tony has always maintained an incredible focus on one belief: “To leave each day better than you found it and make a difference”. His non-profit organization, The Tony Pace Charitable Organization, Inc., was formed with this principle in mind. He continues the philanthropy efforts he started in the 80’s at veterans bedsides with his new pledge of all profits from his signature anthem release “Help Me Make This Place My Home Again”. All proceeds will go towards supporting veterans and their families.

The incorporation of his voice, talent, quick comedic wit, musicianship, and keen sense of audiences makes him the phenomenon you need to experience. He has learned the craft from the ground up, and his diverse understanding of all areas of performance better equips him to recognize the needs of the client, audiences, musicians, marketing and technical staff.

“Oh…My…God…I had to come out of my dressing room, to see where that voice was coming from. Tony Pace is fabulous.”
– Joan Rivers

“Hey everyone!! If Tony was Polish…He’d be me!”
– Bobby Vinton

“Pace never delivers same show twice.”
– Scott Cronick, Press of Atlantic City

“Never been happier or more impressed!”
– J. Chaves, Dunkin Donuts Inc.

“He’s the first one we hired that didn’t talk about how good he was! He proved it!”
–International Rotary Convention

Tony Pace
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