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Not Fade Away

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

When you look out over the landscape of tribute bands, many of them are dedicated to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and their infamous “Winter Dance Party”. So, you might wonder, what is so different about Not Fade Away? Not Fade Away was created out of survival – but not the survival of the players in the band. Not Fade Away was created out of the survival of this incredible, legendary and important music created well over 50 years ago.

Having also been a part of many standard tribute shows, Not Fade Away wants to create a new show that will keep this music relevant, give it edge, bring it into today’s music scene, while not forgetting the importance of the music’s place in history and the impact it had on the world. They’re not just looking to dwell on “The Day the Music Died”. These greats were more than their last night on Earth; they were the pioneers of Rock n’ Roll. They gifted an energetic new kind of music, changing the landscape for an entire generation of music listeners and music makers alike. Not Fade Away hopes to revamp and re-gift those songs to a new generation so that they may last another 50 years.

“Obsessed with this show!!!! Incredible Talent!”
-Sarah T, Audience Member

“Great music and a wonderfully entertaining group of musicians!”
-Anthony G, Audience Member

“I work at a venue that sees a lot of acts, and this by far was the best we ever hosted!”
-Haley N, Florida Venue

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